*AWARD OF MERIT* Magnet Mills #13



Jurgen Dopatka | Magnet Mills #13 | Photography, edition 1/50 | 16×12

Jürgen Dopatka has been pursuing both black & white and color photography since the late 70’s. During the 80’s he has clearly drifted towards a very strong focus on black & white photography due to its unique possibilities of artistic expression.

Our world offers an infinite variety of shapes, form, surface, contour, lighting, reflection and texture. It is fascinating how Jürgen discovers these characteristics in a variety of seemingly mundane subjects. Those discoveries are preserved in his prints, to convey and share the fascination he has experienced when composing an image.

Jürgen’s strongest images originate from unusual views of man-made objects and nature, followed by more traditional nature and landscape images. Over the years, he also has been documenting vanishing ways of work and life, to both preserve these sights and to gain some insight to the wisdom those individuals have accumulated throughout their long lives.



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