Melody at Dawn



Marty McConnaughey | Melody at Dawn | Pine needle coiling on gourd | 16x12x12

There is an endless amount of inspiration throughout nature; it only takes a moment to see its real beauty. Using gourds as a foundation creates a unique piece of art by incorporating objects that nature itself provides. I love the art of coiling pine needles and sweet grass in my work; it gives a subtle movement drawing the onlooker to a journey that is both captivating and soothing. I continue to pursue and discover new elements on a regular basis to incorporate into my endeavors. The simple use of driftwood, acorn tops and strips of copper that I call “nature’s treasures” are found throughout my creations. Each piece I design is hand crafted to be distinctive and bring an element of drama to ones décor. My appreciation and love of our Creator is what inspires me to make unique pieces of art that will bring joy and inspiration to others.


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